How to Start using the "TT ELD" APP on IOS

1.Open the "App Store" and search for "TT ELD APP" or use this link (

2.Click the download button and wait for it installs.

3.Open the "TTELD App".

4.In Pop-up ""TT ELD" Would Like to Send You Notifications" Choose "Allow".

5.Login to your account.

6.In Pop-up "Allow "TT ELD" to use your location?' Chose "Allow While Using App".

7.In Pop-up "Allow "TT ELD" to also use your location even when you are not using the app?" Choose "Change to Always Allow".

8.In Pop-up ""TT ELD" Would Like to Access Your Motion & Fitness Activity" Choose "OK".

9.In Pop-up ""TT ELD" Would Like to Use Bluetooth" Choose "OK".

10.Click on big red button "ELD Not connected".

11.And Find your device.