How to Start using the "TT ELD" APP on Android

1. Open the Google Play store and search for "TT ELD" APP or use this link. (

2. Click the download button and wait for it installs.

3. Open the "TT ELD App".

4. Login to your account.

5. In Pop-up "Stop optimising battery usage" choose "Allow".

6. Click on "Permission" button if next pop-up don't shows.

7. In Pop-up "Allow TT ELD to, find, connection.." choose "Allow".

8. In Pop-up "Allow TT ELD to access this device's location" choose "while using the app".

9. In a new tab that opens choose "allow all the time" .

10. Go back to "TT ELD" APP.

11. Click on permission again if next pop-up don't shows .

12. In Pop-up  "Required permissions" choose "understand".

13. In a new tab that opens "Do Not Disturb Access" finde "TT ELD" App.

14. Switch on "Allow Do not Disturb" for "TT ELD".

15. Then in Pop up "Allow Acess to Do Not Disturb for “TT ELD" choose "Allow".

16. Go back to "TT ELD" APP.

17. Then click on RED Button "ELD not connected".

18. And Find your device.