How to create a new load

  1. First of all, click on the "Dispatch" part of the menu

2. Click on "Add Load"

3. After that you will see the main list of loads. There you can fill out the form

4. If you assign a Unit (Driver) it will automatically attach to this driver.

5. After that you need to create the 1 stop of this load (Pick up)

6. If the driver has a round trip you can click on copy button to duplicate the stop

7. After that you can save info about the 1 stop

8. Then you can add 2 stops of this load (Drop or next part of chain load)

9. Afterwards you fill out the all information so that you can save it.

10. If the driver has more than one pick-up location and one destination you can add an additional stop.

11. Now you can create the Load.

12. Now you can see the Load ready and assigned to the driver.