How to add a User to the Company

  1. First of all, click on the "List" section

2. After that in the drop-down list choose the "Users" section

3. In the opened menu click on the "Assign user" button

4. In the "Email" title you can insert the email for the user who you want to add to the company. You can insert the existing email in our system or a new one. If you insert the new user, our system will send an invitation letter to this email address.

5. In the following drop-down menu you can choose the role for this account. If you select the Logbook only the user will be able to check the logs of the driver. If you select the Loads only the user will be able to check the load info of the company. If you choose Loogbook and Loads.

6. After filling in all info, click on "Ok" to confirm the invite.